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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  August 8, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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breaking news tonight, a florida beach beauty married her dream man and the newlyweds are all set to live happily every after till death does them part. what the 6-year-o26-year-old be didn't plan on was the hit man she hired to murder her new hubby is a cop. that's right. the cops sting her on video. she breaks down in hysterical tears, crying over her dead husband just hours after she's pus note special final touches for his shooting death. she was on the phone with the would-be hit man. we have the video.
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bombshell tonight. we uncover motive. not only does she convince her husband to transfer ownership of their quarter million-dollar town home to her name only, she goes shopping for the hit man the very next day. and tonight, we learn the identity of that secret informant who alerts police to the murder plot. of course. you know it. it's her lover. yes. just six months into the marriage, she gets a lover. police say she thought she'd gotten away with it. boynton beach police say 6-year-old dalia dippolito tried to pay $3,000 to get her husband killed. turns out that hit man was an undercover police officer tipped off by a confidential informant. bombshell development in a murder for hire.
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a lawsuit filed by husband michael dippolito claims the informant who tipped off cops of the scheme was actually dalia dippolito's lover. the report says the two met several times in a parking lot at a cvs and at a gas station. when the officer asked her if she was sure she wanted it done, she replied "i'm not going to change my mind. i'm 5,000% sure i want it done." although they had evidence taken against her days earlier, police clued michael in and staged the murder scene at the couple's town home capturing the grieving wife and then minutes later flipping the script on her. >> problem, uh-oh, the hit man is the cop. >> in a lawsuit filed by the would-be victim, michael dippolito claims he signed over ownership of his quarter of a million dollar town house the same day an informant told cops dalia dippolito wanted her husband murdered. >> i didn't do anything, and i didn't plot anything. >> and tonight, disney teen
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superstar miley cyrus, a/k/a hannah montana, allegedly stalked by a 53-year-old man. obsessed with a 16-year-old girl. we have him waiting for hours of a single-glimpse of his teenage love object. >> my name is mark mcleod, i'm from -- near augusta, georgia. i'm miley's number one fan. i'm a little bit nervous. it's the first time i've ever actually been face to face with her. i talk to her a lot but it's kind of like i talk and she responds with pictures. that's the way we communicate. and i just watch closely, and i can tell exactly what she's doing. i've been watching her so long, i watch so closely, i know what kind of mood she's in, i know almost what she's thinking about by looking at a picture. most people are like, how can you do that? it's not that hard if you just observe people, their body
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language and the way they move and the way they act. after you watch that a while, you know exactly what they're doing. i'm going to get her flowers and ask her to marry me. it's very strange. i've been to four or five concerts and for some strange reason, things just didn't -- things didn't work out. but they're going to work out today. so it's a pretty exciting day. >> some strange reason? talk about armed security guards, maybe? good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. a florida beach beauty marries her dream man and the newlyweds are set to live happily ever after till death does them part. tonight we learn the identity of the secret informant who alerts police to her murder plot. of course, it's her lover. yes. just six months into the marriage, she takes a lover. >> okay. she's walking up, she's gotten a call at the la fitness center to come home immediately. okay.
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look at the other cop. this is what i like. they all know. he's not dead. "oh, god. no. no." look, they're all looking away, looking at the ground. uh-oh. scratching his head. supposed to be a very painful moment for her. work it. work it, cry. okay. it's about time she should bend over with abdominal pain. she's about to collapse out of grief. look at all the cops just staring at her. somebody please take her. take her so we can book her. >> tell us everything about who you know so we can take care of this. >> no, no, please.
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>> did you see all the cops standing around while she breaks down with grief? this is just a few hours after she puts those final special touches on his murder with a hit man. okay. you know, all the police are wired out the yin-yang. they've got everything wired on tape, on surveillance, their secret meeting in the parking lot of the cvs. hello, surveillance tape. to hugh nolan, investigative reporter out of miami. the plot thickens. we were all wondering what could possibly be the motive. now, is it true, just 24 hours after she convinces this guy to put his quarter million dollar town house in her name only, she goes on a shopping spree for a hit man? >> as a matter of fact, nancy, it appears to be an even briefer
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time frame than that. from what we understand, the confidential informant, which is the friend she confided in. >> friend. friend. whoa, whoa. check webster's dictionary, hugh nolan. i think it was her lover. >> well, it's interesting. the allegation that this is the person who was involved, the allegation comes from attorneys for michael, who have filed a suit to try to get the property back into his name. and even they in their public statements have been a little careful to say that they are drawing the conclusion that there, in fact, was a romantic or sexual relationship. >> well, hold on, that's an excellent point. that's why you're the investigative reporter. we've got those lawyers with us right now, but first, let's take a look back at the alleged floor plan of that quarter million dollar town house. is it really worth killing over? i've got a description of it. granite tabletops, stainless steel appliances, tile laid on the diagonal. super capacity whirlpool washer and dryer. but murder for this?
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yes, it's a quarter million dollar luxury pad, but out to jason brody and josh friedman, both joining us out of boca raton, florida, jason brody and josh friedman, welcome. to you first, jason brody. your filing suggests that the secret informant is a lover. now, from my understanding, as a lawyer, practicing lawyer, you don't put anything in a filing that you don't believe is true. >> nancy, just to get to you first -- good evening to you, first off. that lawsuit was filed by sam kellian, what we've been told is there is possibly a lover out there. michael was not aware of this before -- before he was manufactured obviously of this plot to kill him. but we're learning of all these facts over the last 48 hours. >> what facts have you learned over the last 48 hours? >> well, first off, the obvious one, that she had tried to hire
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somebody to kill him, and then secondly, that there was an informant and she might have had -- there might have been some sort of extramarital affair besides just being a friend with that person. >> hold on. let me look at mr. brody. some sort of extramarital affair. please. let's not put perfume on the pig. i'm reading the filings. it says, unknown to plaintiff, that's your client, during this time, defendant was seeing another man. >> again, like i said, like i said to you before, that filing is in the divorce pleading, that is not filed that way. >> you are representing him in what matter, jason brody? >> we are representing him in the divorce which encompasses, as you're aware, nancy, the marital home. >> well, let me go to you, josh friedman. both of these attorneys very well respected in the boca raton area. mr. friedman, if you guys are representing him in the divorce,
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then certainly you know whether he is claiming she was having a sex affair. >> good evening, nancy. what we know is what's in the pleading, is that unbeknownst to him, there was or was not a lover. we do not have any knowledge right now that he knew about any lover or any affair at this current time. >> okay. i'm holding the document in my hand. he is named as the plaintiff in this formal court filing. it says she's seeing another -- you know what? you guys want to parse words? fine. i've got the formal document filed by his lawyer in court. i'm going to go out to chief matthew immler, boynton beach police department. chief, i don't know if you counted on the c.i., confidential inform apartment, being revealed in this manner. what do you make of it?
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>> we're not saying whether the confidential informant is revealed or not. obviously we don't reveal any information about any of our confidential informants. whatever you have there in the pleadings at this point in our opinion is speculation. >> i want to go to eli. ellie, what can you tell me? what are the updates on the case? >> nancy, as you know, this lawsuit, what happened is on friday just a week ago, she convinced, dalia dippolito convinces him to sign over the condo to her to protect his assets. she tells this informant, whoever he is, that she wants her husband killed. that night she allegedly tells this friend, this man she's seeing whoever this manufacturant is that she wants her husband killed. the next day she gives him $1200 to buy a gun and to hire a hit man.
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a newlywed in boynton beach, florida, accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband. they'd only been married six months. but police say dalia dippolito unknowingly hired an undercover cop to do the job. police then plan this elaborate sting operation faking her husband's death calling her to the staged murder scene. they catch her entire tearful reaction on tape. in the end, she's arrested and she comes face to face with not only the hit man but her husband who is alive and well. >> there was a lot of sobbing and her arm wavering and trembling, but there was no wetness in her eyes. >> she was emotional, over the top, hysterical. how you would react, right, if you thought someone was dead. stone cold, expressionless as she stood before a judge. she's actually at her mom's house right now. she went straight to her mom's house. that's where she's going to be on house arrest. >> she met this undercover
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officer, believed he was a hit man, in a car, in a parking lot outside of a cvs and it was during that encounter she was asked numerous times by this undercover, are you sure you want to do this? at one point, she laughed and said i will be very happy. >> here's a woman who is saying she's 5,000% sure she wants to pay for her husband to be killed. and then at the scene you have a woman who is sobbing uncontrollably because she's just learned that her husband is dead. >> she also said i'm not going to change my mind. i'm 5,000% sure i want it done. when i set my mind to something, i get it done. >> no, no. no. >> now, look at all the cops around there. they're scratching his head,
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looking away. >> no, no. >> see, they're all in on it. this is a sting. look at the one in the middle staring at her. he's like, oh, yeah. >> please, please. >> we need to take you to the station. >> they're acting like they're taking her away to console her, they're taking her away to book her. >> no, no. please. >> tell us everything about who you know. we've taken care of the animals. >> we're taking your calls live, and tonight you'll be surprised to know that the defendant in this case, dalia dippolito, age 26, is at home with her mother. that's right.
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judge boris decided in his wisdom, the honorable ted boris, division w 129k. courtroom numbers 1 and, criminal justice complex, west palm beach, florida, decided she should be allowed on house arrest. okay. i wonder what mommy is cooking for dinner tonight. out to the lines, debbie in california, hi, debbie. >> caller: hi, nancy, i love that you speak up for people who can't always speak up for themselves. that's a wonderful trait you've got. >> thank you. i appreciate it. the reason i'm being a little light-hearted in this case is nobody's dead, nobody's dismembered, a very shrewd police chief matthew emler, managed to nip this in the bud thanks to a confidential informant, not so confidential anymore, and they got the whole thing on video. and i guarantee you, debbie in california, all these phone calls, you know, the assassin would have long phone call conversations with her, i
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guarantee you she's not telling me, but that had to be being recorded. so, debbie, what's your question tonight? >> caller: i want to know why this woman, accused of murder, is out on bail for only $25,000. i would be very scared if i was her husband. >> you know what, i asked chief matthew immler that last night. he said the judge is in a much better position to make that call, he defended the judge. but let's throw it to the lawyers. susan moss, family law attorney, new york. midwin charles, defense attorney out of new york and daniel horowitz famed defense attorney joining us out of san francisco. sue moss? >> i have no idea. this is crazy. but of course her alleged lover called the cops. on her hit list. he'd be next on top. i mean, this woman is sick. sick, sick, sick. she's going to be convicted because the evidence is irrefutable. there is no entrapment and luckily soon we'll get her out of her mother's house and back
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into jail where she belongs. >> to daniel horowitz, the bond was only $35,000, i understand, which means she puts up $3500. her mommy probably did that for her too. what i want to see is the workout video from la fitness. she's apparently a fitness enthusiast. so that's her alibi. i can just see her up there on the elliptical, headphones, hmm, hmm, checking the time, is it safe to go home now, is he dead yet? what's your defense, daniel horowitz? i know you've got one. don't even start up. don't even tune-up with entrapment. >> nancy, it already puzzles me. why would she need to get the property transferred to her when if he dies it would go to her by inheritance? so everybody's making a big fuss about that, so i think that's a red herring. >> put him up there so i can see him say that. >> hi there, nancy. >> i think it's a red herring that they -- >> 24 hours after she convinces him for tax purposes and legal
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purposes that he -- this 26-year-old realtor, that she believes he should put it all in her name, she goes on a shopping spree for a hit man, you don't see the connection, horowitz? >> well, i think it's a very keystone cops kind of case and i bet she has -- >> keystone cops. >> -- has deep emotional mental problems. >> she's got problems all right. >> she could never have pulled this off. >> okay. midwin charles, i know you've got something better than that. >> well, my issue is with this judge who let her just go home for dinner. i just think it's ridiculous. i mean, i don't know. is he like the husband and this alleged lover where he thinks she's cute? i'm not particularly sure how it is that she can be home tonight having dinner. >> she's not that cute, okay? we'll be right back. we're taking your calls tonight. a case alert, a detroit father of three gunned down hours before his 30th birthday. tonight, his widow and children need donations for the funeral. tyrone raffert shot to death. saturday night. tonight, his widow and children trying to raise $8,000 for the
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funeral. to donate, send a check to truth missionary baptist church, 17541 oakland avenue, detroit, michigan.
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oh, no. no. >> okay? did he have any enemies? dippolito was arrested wednesday after police say she hired a hit man to kill her husband of only six months. turns out that hired gun was an undercover cop. boynton pd staged an entire crime scene as if dippolito's husband had actually been shot dead. when she was given the news, she sobbed in hysterics. she learned at the police station he was still alive. police received a tip about her plan. she had been dealing with an undercover police officer posing as a hit man. >> back to chief matthew imler
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of the boynton beach police department who shrewdly diverted a murder for hire plot. chief, how do you train someone to pretend to be a killer for hire? >> well, actually, the officer that we used has been used in an undercover capacity for quite some time. although he hasn't trained as a killer for hire, he's actually very good at working off the cuff and adapting and getting our game plan through. so he's an expert at it. >> chief, you know, if this goes to trial, you know what you've got to be careful for i'm sure, whenever i would work with undercover cops, they don't want to come in and testify. it completely blows their cover. and the defense will keep them on the stand for days on end to make sure everybody in town sees their picture or their drawing. so he may be no good for you undercover after this. >> well, that happens, and that's something that, you know, we in police work deal with every day. when that happens, the officer goes into a different job, works in a different capacity, and
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there's another officer to take his place. >> yeah. and in a year or two, everybody will forget what he looks like and you can use him again. to dr. lillian glass, psychologist, body language expert, author of "i know what you're thinking," dr. glass, how do you keep up the charade you're in love with your husband when you're planning a hit? i mean, do you still sleep with him, fix his meals? >> it's very difficult. i mean, this girl is so out of control. you really see this in her body language where part of her body is very stiff. it's not grieving at all but the other part --
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>> no, no. >> i didn't do anything, and i didn't plot anything. police say she thought she'd gotten away with it. this afternoon she's on her way to the palm beach county jail after boynton beach police say 26-year-old dalia dippolito tried to pay a hit man $3,000 to kill her husband. turns out that hit man was an undercover police officer, tipped off by a confidential informant. she says she didn't do it. >> it's 10:50, i should have been dead at like 9:00.
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>> dippolito was working out at the la fitness gym when police called her to return to the home. it was taped off and detectives roaming the property like it was a crime scene. >> no. no. >> here's a woman saying she's 5,000% sure she wants to pay for her husband to be killed. and then at the scene you have a woman who is sobbing uncontrollably because she's just learned her husband is dead. >> no. oh, my god. >> just divorce me and take everything. that's the best way, right? i don't understand. >> mrs. dippolito? >> yes? >> i'm sergeant -- >> oh, no. no. no. >> okay, meryl streep, watch out.
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here's an oscar-winning performance. all the cops standing by. they've got the yellow crime scene tape up. they claim they saw an assailant running from the home. she's just come from her workout will on the elliptical at la fitness, and the cops are drinking it all in. oh, scratching the ear. yeah, we feel bad for you. >> go with the detectives. if you want to help your husband, if you want to help your husband, you need to go with us and tell us everything about who you know, who he's connected to. >> please, please. >> back to chief matthew immler with the boynton beach police department. chief, could you just tell me, i don't think this is revealing anything about your
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investigation that you want to keep secret right now. when you take her away to console her and get her story, what happens on the way to the police station? >> well, essentially during the ride to the police station, we tried not to engage her too much. >> right. >> we just wanted her to kind of drink it all in, what had happened. come to the realization that the plot she put in motion had succeeded and once we got her to the station, it was very important for us at that time that she react to the questions that we planned to ask her. >> exactly. because then you've got witnesses. did you get those reactions on video at the police station? >> oh, we certainly did. >> oh, good guy, chief! you got your bases covered on this one, because if you don't have it on video, audio and video, the defense at trial will say, that's not what happened. we didn't say that. you didn't give us a waiver. we don't understand english. i mean you'll hear the whole kit and caboodle. during the whole way to the police station, she thinks her
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husband's been knocked off. was she crying and carrying on in the backseat? what did she do in the backseat? >> she was somewhat subdued, crying and essentially just making the types of noises you would think, you know, how could this happen, that sort of thing. but she was very subdued. >> oh! all those noises? >> yeah, pretty much more of the same that you saw in the film. >> so you get her to the police station, you take her into a room. does she know she's being videoed? >> no, she does not. >> okay, which is totally constitutional. so when do you break it to her the bad news that her husband is alive? >> well, we actually didn't break it to her. what we did is when we moved her from the room that she was in back to the cell block or our booking area, the husband was standing in the detective room, which is kind of a wide open space. and as she exited the room, she could see him standing there, very much alive. >> chief, what did she do? >> she was, to say the least, very surprised.
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>> did she really start crying for real? >> no. she was pretty much at that point at a loss for words and -- >> she was like, ruh-roh. >> that's it. >> chief, when you had her sitting this there before she realizes her plot failed, her husband survived the hit, what kind of questions were you asking her? did she come up with the whole alibi, what happened that morning, that she -- did she give you her whole story? >> actually what we had done is we had asked her to retrace her steps and go back. again, without revealing too much of what we already had on tape with her, we wanted to ensure that the -- essentially the intent element of the crime was being met. and we felt that by having her go back and essentially retrace her footsteps, that would play to that element.
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>> we're taking your phone calls. out to patti in wisconsin. hi, patti. >> caller: hi, nancy. i'm great, how are you? >> good. >> caller: i love this video. i hardly ever see anything really humorous on your show. but this has got me. >> we don't usually have cause to celebrate when you're discussing crime and justice, but this really takes the cake, all right? i'm just glad that that call from the confidential informant, the secret informant landed in the right place and didn't get lost in some, you know, call waiting message answering service. what's your question, dear? >> caller: my question is, one, a lot of these tapes you see where they catch them in these stings, they all say they found this, you know, friend of a friend. this lady says she found him in a cvs parking lot. that's my one question. it's ridiculous. what, do hit men hang around in drugstore parking lots?
1:37 am
>> you believe she found the hit man in a cvs parking lot? >> they said she met him. >> i think what they mean is they rendezvoused in the parking lot. but let me check on that. where does the cvs pharmacy fit into this whole thing? >> well, you're correct, nancy. as a matter of fact, what happened is that the person who eventually became the confidential informant learned of the plot friday, went to the police friday. by saturday, they had set this up with this undercover detective posing as a hit man contacted by the confidential informant. of course dalia herself did not have any idea that this was an undercover officer, but this meeting was arranged in those circumstances. >> and you know, this is a phenomena, an unusual phenomena. there are famous black widows, one of them is lynn turner, who tried to poison allegedly her husband and boyfriend with
1:38 am
antifreeze in the jell-o. of course you can't ever forget about pam smart, who conspired with a 15-year-old lover to have her husband killed. margaret rudin, she dyed her hair and traveled across the country to avoid police. then we've got stacey castor, poisoned second husband, attempted murder on daughter. sheila labarre, murdered two boyfriends. and janet mercereau shot sleeping husband in the head. out to a private investigator. you don't see black widows that often. >> fortunately, not. they're more of an anomaly in our culture than anything else. but one thing i just wanted to speak to very quickly was this release to her mother, this -- this is a little bit of an issue. you know, if i were the judge, i would have had an immediate psychiatric evaluation made of this young lady. it's quite apparent she has a high level of dysfunction and there's a potential suicide here. why he would have allowed her to
1:39 am
go to her mother where it would have been much easier for her or is still easy for her to do that is a bit perplexing. i would have put her in protective custody at least. >> you know, lou, i don't see suicide here. i think she's too into herself to commit suicide and she obviously pulled it over on the judge as well. i mean, she needs to be behind bars with one of those metal commodes to share with the other inmates. but she's at home with her mommy who's probably cooking her a nice friday night meal. we're taking your calls. as we go to break, happy birthday to a friend of the show, victims' right advocate, andy kohn. happy birthday, andy, and keep the faith. everybody, are you guilty of being our show's number one fan? plead your case. send us your story as to why that fan is you. we're looking for stand-out stories. and if your e-mail or i-report makes air, you win an autographed copy of my new book
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"the eleventh victim." not going to tell you who did it and a chance to fly to new york and come to the show live here on the set and meet the crew. get busy with your video cam and e-mails. go to
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my name is mark mcleod, i'm from -- near augusta, georgia. i'm miley's number one fan. so, yeah, i'm -- i know a lot about miley. she's -- >> reporter: what are some facts you can tell me about miley? >> miley has like one of the most open minds of anybody i've ever met. she's probably -- she's beyond ingenious from all the things that she knows. i know a lot of things, but she knows more than i know. thought i knew a lot of things, till i met her and she knows more than i do. and she's just a really good person. she doesn't act phony like everybody else. she hasn't let stardom get to her head. she's still a regular person
1:44 am
like anybody else. which is rare for someone successful, they start thinking they're above everybody or something like that. she's not like that at all. she's still the same as she was before she got famous. i love everybody out there, and i love miley. nobody really knows, but now you know. and now it's on tape. and now everybody knows. but i talk to her a lot, but it's kind of like -- i talk and she responds with pictures. that's the way we communicate. >> reporter: how do you -- >> i'm on her website. so i kind of like -- i talk -- you know, e-mail her and then she would put pictures back up if she liked what i said. if she doesn't like what i said -- all i have to do is look at the picture. that's how we communicate. i talk, she does the visual. i just watch closely and i can exactly what she's thinking. >> and i can tell what she's thinking and i can even tell what kind of mood she's in by looking at her picture? only i have the super human power? okay.
1:45 am
tom o'neal, senior editor, "in touch weekly," help me, please. what is a 53-year-old, let me put it euphemistically, perv, doing chasing after a 16-year-old girl? >> well, they're engaged to be married and not only that, billy ray cyrus says, we approve. you're the one we've been praying for. he was arrested tuesday on attempted stalking charges after he was seen hovering around the set of her movie. being filmed on an island off georgia. back in june he was there the first time, and he was -- got -- he crossed over the security boundaries. they confronted him. they got into a screaming match. he had to be hauled away in handcuffs. the first arrest was for disorderly conduct, the latest was for attempted stalking and he's now in custody. >> to scott hudson, investigative reporter at wgac 580 news radio. scott, it's not
1:46 am
really difficult to get onto tybee island. anybody can drive over there. explain to me how his first charge, i guess it would have been a criminal trespass onto the set. why wasn't he dealt with as a stalker then? why was he free to continue stalking her? >> well, nancy, at that point the police there did not realize that they were dealing with a stalker. they thought they were dealing with somebody who was just really being disorderly. it wasn't until after they let him free, due to jail overcrowding in that area, that they learned from l.a. authorities and then, of course, they saw that videotape from new york that they realized that they had a problem. >> and, scott, this video from new york caught by "the new york daily news," what was he doing there? waiting in line for what? >> it was a book signing, and that -- according to the videotape, that was his first actual face-to-face encounter with miss cyrus. >> got it. out to the lawyers.
1:47 am
daniel, the kicker is, we may be laughing -- being amused at, you know, a nearly 54-year-old guy chasing after a 16-year-old girl, but here's the problem. when he does meet her one-on-one alone somewhere and she rejects him, then it turns ugly. then she's really in danger. >> right. i mean, the whole idea of a book signing, you know, sometimes you'll have security at book signings. >> don't blame the book signing, okay? >> well, i'm not. actually, nancy, since you said he's her number one fan and he was on the air, does he get a free book? but putting that aside, there's a real mental health issue here. and treating him with a criminal system i don't think addresses the issue. he needs help. he needs institutional help. he needs to be put away. >> okay, thanks. >> to make sure he's not a danger. >> i think he needs jail time. i think he needs a padded cell with a straitjacket that wraps his arms around himself instead of around miley cyrus, a little girl. >> amen.
1:48 am
he's 53 going after a 16-year-old miley? who's he going to go after next, barney? come on. this guy is sick. but his, what, his prescription has got to be jail. >> midwin charles, what about it? claiming she responds to his e-mails by posting pictures? . >> see, that's what i'm talking about. this is a guy who believes he's having conversations with her through photographs. clearly he needs assistance. he's got a mental issue and it needs to be addressed. i don't know whether throwing him in the jail and locking the key is the right answer. >> well, at least it would keep him away from miley cyrus. out to the lines. debra, oklahoma. hi, debra. >> caller: hey, how are you? >> i'm good, dear. what's your question? >> caller: how did they find out she was being stalked about think guy? >> well, to me understanding he tried to get back onto the set, tom o'neil. >> he was hovering around the set sunday, asking people where's miley, knocking on doors. they got suspicious. they went after him. he escaped. he went 180 miles back home before they nabbed him tuesday. >> this is what i don't get.
1:49 am
i can hardly cash a check for groceries at the grocery store without all sorts of i.d. how does he get onto a closed set? i wouldn't even know how to go about doing that. >> he didn't quite get onto it. they kept intercepting him while he was on the edges trying to break through. >> what about it? what happened at tybee island? >> well, as far as we know, he began acting disruptive. he was making some inappropriate comments to other young females there. the police saw that. when they tried to intercept him, he end ed up getting loud and ended up head butting a police officer there. >> there it would have been an assault on an officer. that requires at least one overnight behind bars. everyone now, quick break. "cnn heroes." >> this is cnn. music has always been with me. i love to play it. i keep drumsticks in my hand. the legacy of music in new
1:50 am
orleans was dying fast. life after katrina was hard. the violence, the drug life. i'm just tired of it. my aim is to get kids off the streets. my name is derrick tab and i started a free music education program for the kids of new orleans. let's go. horns up. we do more than just teach music. we offer transportation, we offer instruments, i feed you so you're not hungry. right? give you tutoring. >> what's eight times three. >> you don't have an excuse why you're not here. >> you don't have to have any experience. >> we meet five days a week year round. we are constantly learning something new and that's what keeps the kids coming back. >> i was getting in trouble. now i'm here. i practice. when i'm at home, i practice. just changed my life. >> i love seeing kids happy. just having fun.
1:51 am
>> teaching these kids this culture. i'm saving lives. i'm giving life. a whole different life of music.
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1:54 am
what a week in america's courtrooms. take a look at the stories and more important, the people who touched our lives. >> ohio police made a shocking discovery. after responding to a tip they arrived at a local home where they say they found six children, a loaded gun and a full meth lab inside. >> the latest here in akron is that the six children are in a foster family setting. >> a woman dragging her child through a store in georgia. there it is. the kid's -- we don't know a lot of the back story. you figure the kid was having some kind of tantrum. that's how mom handled it. and result here, she's charged
1:55 am
with felony child cruelty. >> the body of the boy found in a new york canal on monday has been positively identified this afternoon as that of 8-year-old robert manuel. preliminary results and the autopsy give us reason to believe that 8-year-old robert manuel's death was not an accident. >> who killed this child and disposed of his body in this waterway? >> no, no! >> here, little girl. you're going to need these in the big house. all that sobbing and crying and carrying on, it's all on video. we're just seeing a portion of what the boynton beach pd has against this woman. a 26-year-old newlywed who allegedly planned to rub out her husband, problem, ruh-roh.
1:56 am
the hitman is a cop. let's stop and remember army sergeant chester hosford. trained police forces. would give you the shirt off his back. loved cookouts, watching movies. his large collection of music. leaves behind three siblings and a 12-year-old son. chester wayne hosford, american hero. thank you to our guests but especially to you for being with us. and a special good night tonight from the new york control room. night, rosy, a/k/a, evil. norm, brett, stacy, i see you hiding. everyone, i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. and until then, good night, and until then, good night, friend. -- captions by vitac --
1:57 am
here's your hln prime newsbreak. president obama signed a bill to extend the clash for clunkers program giving it another billion. it gives owners up to $4500 for trading in new cars for newer more fuel efficient programs. the program would be ex-fended to labor day assuming the money lasted that long. governor sanford's wife moved out of the mansion and took their four sons with her. the sanfords say they still want to work things out and the decision to move out is best for the family. police in norwalk, connecticut, say a woman who called herself nurse of the year is a fake. betty liechtenstein is accused of posing as an rn, giving people injections, medicine, medical advice, but cops say she's never been licensed and she faces up to five years in prison.
1:58 am
that's a look at the news for now. i'm mike galanos.
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